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LA ISLA transcends. From a sun-drenched Polaroid to the glossy page of an editorial spread, we merge beach culture with high fashion, bringing sophistication down to earth. With our roots a fusion of Latin and American, LA ISLA evokes a style both spirited and contemporary. From the vibrant Colombian jungle to the warmth of Caribbean culture and all the way up the rugged Pacific coastline, we seek to understand, enjoy and absorb the natural beauty of the world. Above all, we maintain a commitment to impeccable and fairly conducted craftsmanship for savvy consumers conscious of both the how and what of their purchase. We believe in the reciprocity of nature and stand by the principles of community that it teaches us. Our seamstresses, designers, photographers, store owners, and anyone whose hand or mind graces LA ISLA is a part of our family.



Born in a bedroom, LA ISLA has outgrown its physical origins but retained every ounce of its intimacy. Its growth into one of the most recognizable names in swimwear has been entirely organic. So, too, is the means by which the company sustains itself. Never advertised, LA ISLA focuses solely on the quality and artistry of their product. The brand is known worldwide for the perfect fit, stunning fabrics and unique hand embroidery of its swimwear and apparel.

Over the years, LA ISLA has been featured and recognized in publications like VOGUE, Sports Illustrated, Sports Illustrated Portfolio (hardcover book), InStyle, Marie Claire, Seventeen, Foam, Surfing Magazine, Transworld Surf, Bazaar, Zink! and in other media such as The David Letterman Show and on E! Entertainment Channel.

LA ISLA is working every year toward utilizing more sustainable fabrics as its vendors continue to innovate. LA ISLA supports this innovation by purchasing products which help the environment and are sustainable (LA ISLA’s swim trunks are made with 50% recycled PET fabric, for example). With a commitment to serving the nature that inspires, LA ISLA has aspirations to improve their environmental friendliness as the technology becomes available.

LA ISLA prides itself on an astute awareness of its surroundings, but drawing inspiration from the beauty of life goes hand-in-hand with acknowledging the suffering. LA ISLA supports many charitable efforts, and has formed partnerships throughout the years with organizations like Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Ocean Futures Society, Youth Emerging Stronger (formally the LA Youth Network) and the First Nations Development Institute. Learn more about LA ISLA’s partnerships here.

From the inspiration of the design to the inception of the product, everything bearing the LA ISLA name is made with equal consciousness for the environment and for style.


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